Skull along the hiking path in Tusheti, Georgia

Come explore the secreted land of Tusheti in the Republic of Georgia. This high-elevation region in the Caucasus Mountains is only accessible by car for a few months out of the year when the snow melts enough to allow travel over the rough, precipitous 4 x 4 road. But if you brave the journey you won’t be disappointed. Tusheti astounds with it’s unspoiled natural beauty and the preservation of its unique culture and heritage. The Tush people still speak their own language, sing their own songs, and some still practice the rights of an ancient and mysterious animistic religion. Along with the ruins of long uninhabited stone villages that dot the landscape, you can find impressive medieval towers and sacred ritual sanctuaries built in the most stunning of settings.

We offer many different hiking, trekking, and mountain biking adventures in Tusheti. These include the multi-day trek from Omalo to Shatili in Khevsureti. Or you can stay in the rustic comfort of local guesthouses, where we can indulge in the satisfying local food and drink, and then venture out daily on hikes from some of the many atmospheric villages like Dartlo, Shenako, Diklo, Parsma, Oreti Lake, Chigo, Chesho, Gireva, Dochu, and Bochorma.

If you want to adventure here then contact us to start building your custom tour through the most beautiful spots in Tusheti.